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Wayman Humphrey

  • Instagram - Black Circle

Introduced to the world as Wayman Humphrey, The Madd Penciler has been sharpening his illustration skills for over 20 years. Known as the guy who can make magic with a piece of paper and pencil, The Madd Penciler has spent much of his life drawing commissions immortalizing family members, personal portraits and the creative visions of his clients. During that time, he was also commissioned to draw pieces that were then turned into tattoos.

After years of being lauded for his natural ability, The Madd Penciler decided to enhance that ability with formal training. He chose to study animation at SCAD, which gave him the training and technique to take his art to the next level. While still being commissioned to draw pieces that were turned into tattoos, he began to build his client base of people that had the opportunity to be the first to be blessed with a Madd Penciler original. This only served to further boost his creative passions as he works to become just as skilled with the tattoo machine as he is with his signature blue lead pencil.

He recently joined the team at Apocalypse Tattoo and is poised to take the tattoo world by storm. With The Madd Penciler, you get a trained, seasoned artist with a fresh perspective and enthusiasm for the fine art of tattooing.

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