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Killian Moon

Killian Moon is a normal human entity and you can’t prove otherwise. 

Like most of his kind, Killian Moon started tattooing out of disdain over real jobs at age 17. Born in Honduras, raised to be an immigrant, he travelled extensively through Europe, USA and Latin America to steal the best tricks from the world’s tattoo masters. Some say he made deals with ancient evils in exchange for a shot at real power. 


Much like a tsunami, Killian Moon gets shit done. His version of tattooing is based on of efficiency, speed and fairness. Worry not about having a design done before you get in touch, he is a concept artist at heart and will work out multiple versions of the future for you to choose from. 


If you want a unique, expert made tattoo that will stay bright and bold through time, holla at yo boy. 


 To book an appointment please visit

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