Gabriella Mancini

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Gabriella Mancini is the 100% real legitimate biological tattoo child of Ryan & Nicole Willingham. Ever since she was a little kid, drawing has been her favorite past time and she's always found a lot of comfort in it. As she grew up, her passion turned into a desire to make a career out of her love for art. She spent some time at SCAD and GSU trying to find her way, but the moment she found tattooing she knew that was where she was meant to be and there was no looking back.


She has grown to be an incredible tattoo artist during her time at Apocalypse Tattoo Co, quickly becoming higher in demand each passing day. She loves traditional tattooing, especially when she can add her own cutesy little twist! Aside from tattooing, Gabi is a huge art history nerd and enjoys playing video games and chilling with her cat, Bigby.